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6263 County Road 107
Proctorville, Ohio  45669
Phone:  606-233-4608
Sponsor:  First Baptist Church, Waverly Ohio
Organized:  2014


PASTOR:  Dr. Ricky Ray


Sunday School - 9:00am
Sunday Children's Worship- 9:00am
Sunday Worship- 10:00am
Sunday Youth Hang Out- 5:30pm
Tuesday Youth/Singles Small Group- 6:30
Wednesday- Youth Worship- 6:30pm
Thursday- Ladies' Small Group- 6:30pm
Saturday- Men's Small Group- 9:00am

Membership:  60
Worship Attendance:  62
Small Groups: Average:  59
Men's Ministry
Women's Ministry
Youth Ministry
Children's Ministry


Location:  Lawrence County
Population of Proctorville:  570
- River community
Community:  0.2 square miles
Average age:  43
Average Income:  $25,149
Ancestry:  German and Irish
Time To Work:  21 minutes
Nearest Towns:
- Chesapeake – 5.1 miles
- Athalia – 7.3 miles
- Education, Health
- Social Services
- Manufacturing, Food Services
- Accommodations
- Fairland High School
- Fairland Middle School
- Fairland Elementary School


The Crossing 2016.jpg

In September 2014, a church in Huntington, West Virginia was declining and was going to close.  A dedicated group from this church saw a vision from God to create a new work.  This new work would be across the river in Proctorville, Ohio.  With much prayer the Highlawn Baptist Church, Huntington, West Virginia changed its name and with the intent to relocate.  Thus The Crossing Baptist Church was formed on September 14, 2014.  They chose the name "The Crossing" as a symbol of crossing the river to begin a new work. Dr. Ricky Ray was called as the pastor. 

The congregation began meeting in a garage in West Virginia while property was being purchased in Proctorville.  Their new location would be in a mall located behind McDonald's on State Route 107 in Proctorville.  This location was purchased and renovations began. Launch date was Easter 2015.

During the first 5 weeks of worship services, 4 people were saved with 2 rededications.  This vision of the church is "To send others out". They are currently sponsoring a church plant in the Cincinnati Area.

First Baptist Church, Waverly Ohio assumed the sponsorship in 2015.

After a lot of hard work and much prayer a Grand Opening Date at their new facilities was held on February 14, 2016.

God is using this congregation in unique ways in the Proctorville area.

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