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The purpose of this portal is to give pastors, leaders, and their spouses tools to use in their daily walk with God.  Satan often attacks leaders to crumble a congregation.  The links below will help in you walk.  There are accountability links, retreat links, and confidential counseling links.  Please use this resource to "remain holy and healthy" in the Body of Christ.

Team Request

Consider the findings of a survey conducted in 2011 by LifeWay Research of 1,000 American Protestant pastors:

· A full 98 percent agree with the statement, "I feel privileged to be a pastor."

· More than half (55 percent) also agree with the statement, "I find it is easy to get discouraged."

· 55 percent say being in pastoral ministry makes them feel lonely at times.

Click the banner above for valuable resources / articles offered by NAMB...

Sometimes we just need to get away.  There are many places in the nation that offer discounted prices for pastors [and their spouse] to get away and refresh.  Enjoy the outdoors or simply relax around a lake or by the fireplace.  Ridgecrest in NC offers a phenomenal rate for such a getaway.  Click the banner above to link to Ridgecrest.

One of the greatest downfalls among church leaders is moral failure / sexual immorality.  Often it is due to issues that began with pornography.  Click the banner below to seek help if this is an area you have been dealing with or dwelling on...

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