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240 S. New York Avenue (PO Box 629)
Wellston, Ohio  45692
Phone:  740-384-4488
Organized:  2009


PASTOR:  Rev. Timothy Jones
Sunday School - 10:00am
Sunday Worship - 11:00am
Sunday Worship - 7:00pm
Wednesday- WEBS -7:00pm


Membership: 200
Worship Attendance: 140
Sunday School Average:  110
Vacation Bible School - 130
Men's Ministry
Women's Ministry
Prayer Ministry
Children's Ministry
Youth Ministry


Location:  Jackson County
Population of Wellston:  5,561
Community:  7.0 square miles
Average age:  39
Average Income:  $33,485
Ancestry: German, United States
Time To Work:  31 minutes
Nearest Towns:
- Hamden – 2.9 miles
- Coalton – 5.3 miles
- Education, Health
- Social Services
- Manufacturing
-  Wellston High School
-  Wellston Middle School
-  Wellston Immediate School
-  Bundy Elementary School


Grace Wellston Aug 3, 2014.JPG

The congregation of Grace Baptist Church, McArthur Ohio and its pastor, Roger Hauck, had a vision of starting a mission in Wellston, Ohio in which there was no Southern Baptist work.  After 2 years of prayer and planning, the vision was realized.  Grace Baptist Church of McArhur secured the old wallpaper outlet store at 1328 S. Pennsylvania Avenue as a meeting place.  Remodeling was done and some pews were provided by Grace Baptist Church, Dayton, Ohio.  Whit Akers was called as the first mission pastor on June 16, 2003.  Grace Baptist Fellowship became a reality with its first service on June 22, 2003.

Several mission teams helped to encourage and support Grace Baptist Fellowship during The State Convention of Baptists in Ohio's Impact 2003.  A team from Hickory Hills Baptist Church, Mt. Juliet Tennessee, Bro. Don McMillan, his wife and mission team; Dayton Ohio Baptist Association, Bro Don McMurray and mission team; Six Steps Drama Team; Point Blank Minstry and Grace Baptist Church McArthur were all part of this Impact and start up in Wellston.  With their hard work, support and dedication, Grace Baptist Fellowship was able to have  a great start to reach the Wellston community for Christ.

In August 2004, Grace Baptist Fellowship and the mother church, Grace Baptist McArthur, purchased a church building located at 6771 State Route 327, Wellston.  Extensive remodeling was done on the facilities.  The first services were held on October 17, 2004.

In February 2007, Whit Akers resigned.  The mission continued receiving support from the Association, The State Convention, Grace Baptist Church McArthur and First Baptist Church Waverly.  Many capable men filled the pulpit.  Dennis Nickel was called as mission pastor in May 2008.  He resigned later that year.

Timothy Jones was called as pastor in March 2009.  Attendance grew rapidly over the next few months.  The mission decided it was time to constitute.  Constitution services took place on August 30, 2009.

As the church continued to grow, the facilities on State Route 327 could no longer house the congregation.  After much prayer and searching, God provided the church with a new place to gather for worship in the heart of the City of Wellston located on the corner of Fourth Street and New York Avenue.  In August 2013, Grace Baptist Fellowship purchased an historic church building, which was formally a United Brethren Church, a parking lot and parsonage from the West Ohio Confernece of the United Methodist Church.  The first service was held on September 15, 2013 with over 150 in attendance.  Sunday School was over 80.  On the following Wednesday night, there were over 100.  Dedication Day was held on September 29 with over 180 in attendance.  This record attendance was broken in August 2014 for the Sunday morning VBS Commencement/Worship Service, 210 were present.

Grace Baptist Fellowship reaches the Wellston community in unique ways.  Block Parties, Back to School Bashes, Vacation Bible Schools, Service Evangelism Projects, Food Distribution are all an important aspect of their ministry.

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